Water Fueled Car

The topic I chose was using water to power a car. A company called Genepax out of Japan is the leader in this new technology. They have created a generator to split the water molecules to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen is what is going to fuel the car. Genepax use a membrane electrode system to split hydrogen from oxygen through a chemical reaction. The cell being used only needs air and water. By using this system the car doesn’t need a high pressure hydrogen tank or hydrogen reformer. So it sounds great a car that can run on water, any kind of what from the tap or a lake it doesn’t matter,so where are the cars.

“One of these “new” technologies is a water fuelled car, and it has been unveiled on a number of occasions. It’s an automobile that derives its energy directly from water, and water alone. It is not hard to see why it’s not available to the masses. An engine powered by water would wipe out a large chunk of the fossil fuel industry and change the way these companies do business all together. The oil and gas corporations combine to bring in trillions of dollars every year. Inventions like these are a direct threat to the industry.”

The problems and reasons why we haven’t seen the water powered car. For one thing money is the answer to a lot of things in the world. Genepax went out of business because of lack of funds. Another inventor Stan Meyer had a water powered car but was being sued for the patent he got. Weird thing is before going to trial over the issue Meyer died after eating in a restaurant family members believed he was poisoned. This all matter because the fossil fuel industry is a huge market and will take out trillions of dollars out of the economy. This is why we haven’t seen the water powered car available in masses because the fossil fuel industry is trying their best to keep them out.



One thought on “Water Fueled Car

  1. Matt, I’m a bit dubious about the claims of a water powered car, but I’d love to read more research on this during the semester. It’s certainly an eye opening idea.

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