Expansion of Tesla Charging Stations Leads to Cross-Country Roadtrip


Tesla motor team recently completed a full trip from Los Angeles to New York City using newly made charging stations. This 76 hour road trip ended in NYC around roughly 5am on February 2nd. This trip took them through cold conditions such as the Colorado mountains and snow storms with temperatures as low as 9 degrees. While their statements included this information, the article adds that in the past few months they had come under fire in regards to their cars performance in colder weather.  This focus on their high performance in adverse weather almost seemed a rebuttal to this accusation.

Although this is a fantastic feat, Tesla motor team wasn’t the first to do it. A retired professor and his daughter took the trip from New York City to Los Angeles on January 20th. 5 days later, the trip was complete. This proves to us that a whole motor team is unnecessary and that any regular person can take this vehicle and go on a road trip with it. It’s great news for the company as well as those excited for a switch to electric vehicles. Furthermore, the chance to make this trip without spending a dollar on gas should be getting environmentalists excited as well. With these charging stations expanding even more, the reality of having an entirely viable nation for long-range mobility of electric cars is getting closer.

On a personal note, I’m extremely interested in Tesla vehicles and am excited to see the expansion of their company across the U.S. Although, I will be trying to keep an eye on how they will be handling the inherent problems with batteries.


-Davin Gooch


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