Super Bowl Auto Ads

The Super Bowl on February 2, will feature the Seattle Seahawks taking on the Denver Broncos. This television event of the year will also feature many commercials. A large number of the time slots will feature ads from automobile companies. Both domestic and international auto manufacturers have bought air time. These manufacturers include: Volkswagen, Toyota, Kia, Chevrolet, and Ford just to name a few.  Chrysler is going all out with three different ads to air throughout, while Jaguar is making its Super Bowl debut. The cost for 30 seconds of air time is 4 million. These ads are a big investment for these companies. With most of the commercials being a minute long, what point or aspect do the automobile companies want to promote on their cars?

Many of the ads to air on Sunday can already be seen on Youtube. After watching a few of them, a trend appears. Most of the commercials are intended to be funny and focus on a single aspect or feature of their car(s). Volkswagen’s commercial promotes how long their cars last by joking, every time one of their cars hits 100,000 miles, a Volkswagen engineer get their wings. The link for the commercial is below. Chevrolet promotes just their Silverado truck which had recently won the North American Truck of the Year Award by showing off its toughness in pulling cows to breed in a amusing commercial.

If there was any other trend with the auto commercials, it was commercials that had emotional appeals.  Hyundai’s commercial features just one car and just one its features. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis’ auto-emergency braking is featured. The idea of the commercial is that the braking system is their to save the day when your father cannot. Chrysler is also expected to release an emotionally appealing commercial due to trends of the past few years. It is rumored that Bob Dylan will be appearing in the commercial.

These trends are the two I noticed in all the commercials that have been released early. In addition to automobile manufacturers airing commercials, other auto-related companies are getting in on the action. Both CarMax and WeatherTech will air commercials. In summary, the commercials either have a comedic or emotional tone. They focus on either a single vehicle, aspect of their products, or new innovation in their vehicles. The commercial is a large investment and to see if it pays off, we just have to wait and see.


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